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Thresholds & Weather-Stripping

Form, Function and Attention to Detail

Hardware isn’t only a decorative element of your home. It serves specific purposes, whether that’s holding a door in place or providing you with water for your cooking. Perhaps nothing stresses this more than thresholds and weather-stripping. Key components of the insulation of your home, but also accents that can either blend in with your concept or draw the eye away from it. Fortunately for you, Bird Decorative Hardware has a team of experts focusing on the details to help you get everything right for both form and function.

Our design team works with projects of every type and skill level, from professional to DIY projects. Over years of that work, we’ve become experts at matching your needs with the most beautiful, functional products that will help you.

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Finding the Perfect Details For Every Project and Every Space

At Bird Decorative Hardware we pride ourselves on bring customer-focused and detail-oriented when we work on every single project. No matter the project we can bring you the perfect touches from top to bottom, ensuring the perfect space for you every time.

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